YES!Delft 1-2-Startup weekend

Last weekend, Andreja and Jasper were invited to the YES!Delft 1-2-startup weekend to fulfill the role as coaches and even as jury!

Andreja Explaining his bits

At this weekend, we were able to spread our own knowledge and experiences within the field of creating own businesses. We came across some very high potential ideas for the future. It was surprising that some teams already had working products! Others had their business model fully validated by the market, but did not have any product yet. Though, as jury members, it was hard to compare the ideas and business models to each others.

In the end, omrt congratulates the winners of this weekend: Wavyweed (a concept wherein they exterminate weeds at a farm by microwaving the ground at certain frequencies).


In the end, to see the flames in the eyes of others and to observe the dedication of others towards their ideas was again a motivation for our own hard working. Thank you YES!Delft!

The winning team; Wavyweed


A licensed certificate of participation

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