This study comprised of a structural analysis of a house expansion where a wall breakthrough was captured by a structural beam system. The expansion itself was made from wood with its roof beams connected to the structural beam.

The structural beams that are used to underpin the wall breakthroughs

The wooden roof beams of the expansion part, connected to the structural beam


Normally, an excel model from an engineering organisation is perceived as enough to get a house expansion permit. Nevertheless, for the same amount of time (half a day) we got the same permit as such usual with a structural analysis. But we also analysed the pressure within the brick wall where the structural beam was imposed. This enables the contractor to see where he should reïnforce the brick wall to prevent cracking in the finished stucco layer.

Force analysis on the structural beams

Force simulation on the wooden beams

Momentum analysis of the structural beam

Momentum analysis of the wooden roof beams

Shear force analysis of the structural beams

Shear force analysis of the wooden beams


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