Conceptual area development

A client asked us to develop a study of an exurban area that is to be redeveloped by placing eight new office buildings. The question of the client was to gain insights in certain parameters when he changed the configuration of the eight building blocks.

He added rules about how the buildings were allowed to change and there were preferred parameters that the client wanted to be measured.


The test parameters:

  • The building volumes were unchangeable.
  • The building were allowed to differ in their length, height, and width.
  • Each building was allowed to be moved along a certain bandwidth in the x- and y-axis.
  • The buildings may rotate around their z-axis.


The measured parameters:

  • The amount of solar radiation on the area
  • Shadow nuisance of the one building on the other building(s)
  • The average comfort level of the area envelope for a person on the terrace during the year (see some studies here, here, here, and here)
  • Shadow comfort (measured directly next to the buildings)
  • Possible energy generation by using facade solar panels
  • The percentage of clear sight on every building facade when you drive into the middle of the area (because of possible commercial purposes like placing company logo’s or placing entrances)


The following figure gives an impression of the test- and measured parameters:


After the setup, the computer iterated through all configurations by placing every building on every possible location with every angle that was defined within our calculation boundaries. The computer measured all the parameters and wrote every solution to a ‘kind-of-WeTransfer’ link specially made for design processes called  Design Explorer.


The following part shows the design explorer embedded into the omrt website so you can ‘play around’ with the parameters yourselves.


If Design Explorer is not working properly you can also visit the link here.


{here is a small Dutch description on how to work with Design Explorer, there is also a tutorial on Design Explorer itself}


Give it a try and change the selection of the parameters yourself to see what happens with the area;



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