Pontsteiger on Mars – DEBUT Event

Elon Musk @SpaceX; eat your heart out!

Mars 2

During our company case with DPA Cauberg-Huygen at the DEBUT Event, we redesigned the Amsterdam Pontsteiger from Bouwcombinatie Pontsteiger VOF to make it comply to the harsh conditions on Mars as preparation for Elon Musk his interrestrial expansion plans.

Mars has around three times less gravitational force than Earth, has a maximum temperature of minus 5 degrees celsius, and half the amount of intruding sunlight through the atmosphere.

After a four hour pressure cooker, the teams introduced a diversity of awesome concepts: e.g. a variable design that could be changed by sliding windows, structural optimisations with much less construction materials or an inflatable balloon that could be  used as artifical atmosphere to walk in the gardens.

Nerdy Fact: Due to the lower gravity, the large truss of the Pontsteiger at the bridge part could be reduced from 23.3 metric tonnes of steel (earth mass) to only 10.1 tonnes of steel (earth mass).

You can also check it here on the website of DPA Cauberg-Huygen

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