real estate by computational intelligence

Increasing complexity of the building market

The complexity of Real Estate development, transformations and design has grown overtime 

while digital technology and data availability have advanced.

Higher urban densities decrease accessible development spaces.

Sustainability and comfort are growing in urgency and have become regulated.

Building- and energy efficiency are dependent on good use of technology.

Realising optimal floorplans has become a multidisciplinairy task.

Ostate: optimising buildings through computation

We have created intelligent algorithms that compute the best area and form fit of a building within its context 

whilst accounting for regulatory and technical factors.

The benefits

Traditionally, building technical advisors join development and design processes relatively late when changes are 

costly and prone to failure. 


Ostate has the capacity to already provide technical insights from a conceptual phase, 

decreasing chances on rework or required additional advisory by risky and hastily decision making.


Through Ostate, can now decide upon complex problem from the start of your project. 

By investing a little more in the beginning it has proven that it reduces risks and costs afterwards.

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