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With Ostate we take you through all possible design solutions for your project in a short amount of time. Now you can see in a single view whether- and how your project could be made feasible. Enter the preconditions of the project in Ostate and let it generate all possible solutions for you. No more endless iterations, recalculations or rework. Ostate has connected the most important design disciplines into a single system that can generate design suggestions automatically. Always find a well-considered solution for your design. Start your project with a huge head start in information and never again face unwanted surprises during the course of your project.

The application of Ostate

Ostate is used by municipalities, real estate developers and architects as a tool to streamline and accelerate the design process and to optimise the design in a data-driven way.

Ostate takes the context and project-specific preconditions as starting points and makes all important aspects transparent and quantifiable for each design solution. Ostate is the method to speed up the design process, to convince stakeholders and to make data driven decisions. Ostate is perfect for determining the feasibility of your acquisition, the most optimal design or a quick submission of a tender.

Combine Ostate with the analysis of Olysis and you can also test every design in every module for all building-physical performances.

Module 1 – Location analysis

As soon as you start a project, the need for information about the environment is great. Ostate has a standard link with the latest up-to-date context data and centralizes this as the starting point of your plan. We use this data to analyze for example building density, building usage, years and/or traffic intensity.

Module 2 – Urban planning mass studies

At an urban planning level, it is mostly necessary to reshape forms and to compare and analyze variants and options with each other regarding their fit within the context. Ostate generates super-fast design variants of masses and calculates the gross floor areas and global costs. Olysis can then compute the performance of each variant on: wind, noise, heat stress, sunlight, view quality, and shadow.

Module 3 – Conceptual floorplanning (program integration)

Ostate automatically generates the floor layout and floor plan layout at a conceptual level within a volume. This way you can quickly scroll through all possible uses of your building to see which layout principles achieve the most efficiency.

Module 4 – Parking

Ostate can quickly generate a parking layout based on the rules and type of parking solution of the NEN2443. Underground, open or private parking spaces are all possible and the parking layout automatically responds to construction lines when a building block is above it.

How does Ostate do this?

We use parametric design as the basis for our studies and have integrated all Dutch building regulations as the basis for the algorithms, this means that we can very quickly generate and calculate all desired design variants that comply with the standard. Thanks to this parametric technique and our testing per variant, we can determine in advance what is right and wrong in the design and we can set up the design boundaries and requirements very quickly, instead of endless drawing and testing with lengthy revisions and iterations.

Apply for an Ostate study

Ostate works by request per project. We have built the system in such a way that we can go through all the steps of a design process in phases or in one go with an engineer of us. The phase of the project determines the entry level of Ostate and which module we should use. For each module we use a fixed price to carry out the study.

As soon as you engage Ostate, you will immediately be taken under reliable hands by our professionals. We collect the necessary information and preconditions for each module. Then we discuss with you which variants or designs should be tested and we get to work. We generate all possible designs super fast within days and get back to you as soon as it is ready.

By default, we deliver the results between 5 to 10 days in a clear online dashboard so that you can see exactly which variants score best within your issue, wishes and/or criteria. After this you have the option to print the best variants in a nice and clear PDF report together with the 3D files.


The algorithms within Ostate are extensively tested for errors and whether the results comply with the regulations from the Building Code. Be aware that the building code and all standards surrounding it are complex and sometimes even contradictory, so Ostate Module 2 has not yet included all regulations.

Therefore, always request the latest status of the integration of the regulations from Ostate, which can be read on the quotation appendix.

The Olysis analyses are in line with the standards as indicated on our Olysis page (hyperlink Olysis page). On our website we have described per discipline which calculation method we use and whether we follow a calculation standard.

Projects we are proud of


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Project description We performed a variant study to improve the indoor comfort of an existing office building, and to improve the energy efficiency of the building. Developer: Cairn Real Estate Year: 2020 Location: Venlo Analyses: Energy, daylight, thermal comfort Interested in a collaboration? Get in touch! Are you done with complex analyses and endless design...
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