Opening day Carbonblue – World of Walas

Yesterday, OMRT visited the opening day of the sustainable office of CarbonBlue in Kloosterweg 1, Heerlen, Netherlands.

The CarbonBlue project at Dudoc Parkstad (project here) has a roofed in parking lot with 3500 solar panels installed. CarbonBlue will meet approximately 36% of the energy requirements for Carbon6,  it will produce approximately 900,000 kWh per year and reduce CO2 by over 400,000 kg per year.

Photo by Miranda Willems

We held an information stand at the innovation market and were invited to became a partner of the Blueworxx network, that is a section of the worldwide World of Walas network.

Even people from the future were invited. We all wrote a message down for the future and they took these messages with them in a great jar. The jar will only be opened after 100 years from now, we wonder what the future people will think of our message…..

Photo by Miranda Willems


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