Prevent noise nuisance with Olysis

The Netherlands is getting fuller and fuller. Living and working space is becoming more scarce and yet more of both is needed. So build! Every spot in the urban environment is currently being filled with new apartment complexes and office buildings. Often ‘good’ locations are already taken and the leftover locations are close to train tracks, busy roads and around industry. Result: more chance of noise nuisance. In order to prevent noise nuisance for residents and workers, noise is inevitable. That’s where Olysis comes in.

Take sound reducing measures in advance

Olysis provides advanced insight into how living and working space should be arranged to optimise sound in- and around buildings. By integrating this within Olysis, you can take soundproofing measures in advance. Advantage: you avoid unnecessary measures (and therefore failure costs) afterwards. That is how Olysis helps contractors, developers and architects.

“Wet Geluidhinder” – Noise regulation

With Olysis we calculate noise in the area according to the NEN5500 standard for sound insulation. This is in line with the “Wet Geluidhinder” (Wgh). This law specifies to what extent noise-sensitive buildings may be “bothered” by certain noise sources, such as:

Road traffic (not weighing 30 km per hour)
Industrial areas

If you calculate your design in advance with Olysis, you can be sure that it complies with the Noise regulations.

Olysis calculates more than just sound

Olysis can calculate more than just noise. Think of urban light, shade, heat, wind, but also energy. Olysis quickly calculates a large number of design options within the components that fall within the package of urban analyses and building analyses for a fixed price per calculation session. Do you only want to calculate one component, such as noise? This is also possible as a single calculation.

Interested in a collaboration? Get in touch!

Calculate the noise nuisance in and around the design of your building in advance and avoid failure costs afterwards. With Olysis you implement sound insulation measures before the start of construction. Are you interested in a collaboration? Get in touch with us! We are happy to discuss your wishes.

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