Olysis reduces the footprint of any design.

Sustainability is a broad concept that has many aspects and disciplines. Unfortunately, the term sustainability is often misused to give a project a better image. It is therefore necessary that sustainability is also made concrete within real estate in order to provide insight into the impact of this sustainability, we aim to do just that for each project.

With Olysis you make sustainability measurable

We use the standard method Environmental Performance of Buildings (MPG) to calculate the CO2 footprint of the materials used in a building. These materials have been assessed by experts through a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) for the CO2 score for making, transporting and maintaining them.

But with only the footprint of the materials of the building you do not have a total overview. You can use very sustainable materials that, for example, do not efficiently handle the energy supply within the building. In that case, your building could emit a lot more CO2 in the long term than a building with non-sustainable materials, but with a higher energy efficiency.

This is why Olysis has, in addition to the MPG, also developed the Integrated Performance Buildings (IPG) on the basis of research from TNO and TU Delft. We calculate both factors and combine the total impact of a building over its lifespan.

By calculating quickly and flexibly, we always come a step further.

Olysis can very quickly calculate all kinds of different scenarios, including for material use and energy consumption (see also page Olysis – energy). This allows us to investigate which materials score best on sustainability. In this way we make this item concrete in a clear way and we give guidance to the ambitions of our customers.

Olysis calculates more than just sustainability

Olysis can calculate more than just sustainability. Also think of urban light, shade, heat, wind, but also energy. Olysis quickly calculates a large number of design options within the components that fall within the package of urban analyzes and building analyzes for a fixed price per calculation session. Do you only want to calculate one component, such as sustainability? This is also possible as a single calculation.

Interested in a collaboration? Get in touch!

Calculate the sustainability of your building easily and integrally with Olysis. With Olysis you can predict in advance which materials and application will be the most sustainable in the long term. Are you interested in a collaboration? Get in touch with us! We are happy to discuss your wishes.

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Project description We performed a variant study to improve the indoor comfort of an existing office building, and to improve the energy efficiency of the building. Developer: Cairn Real Estate Year: 2020 Location: Venlo Analyses: Energy, daylight, thermal comfort Interested in a collaboration? Get in touch! Are you done with complex analyses and endless design...
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Project description Developer: White House Development Year: 2020 Location: Gouda Module(s): Urban Massing Analyses: Wind, shadow Interested in a collaboration? Get in touch! Are you done with complex analyses and endless design iterations from engineers about what can and cannot be done? And especially with the 10% failure costs that you always have to factor...
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