Building Physics analyses

On building level, Olysis can provide analyses on the daylightfactor, energy, comfort, view quality, circularity, and sustainability. By rapid parametric computational models we can assess all possible design outcomes for your project, always returning the most integrally optimal one.

Light and daylight

Light is one of the most important elements in the built environment since it literally illuminates everything and gives us the visibility to it. With light you can create different feelings, ambiences and experiences and even enhance the productivity of people. Light calculations are therefore an important section of Olysis.


Of the total CO2 outlet in the world, around 40% comes from buildings. A lot of building have been built quite some time ago when there were less strict guidelines on energy efficiency. Now, almost 97% of the built environment has to be renovated or upgraded to better energy standards towards 2050 to comply with the climate agreements.


Do you recognize that? You went to bed just in time and suddenly the neighbors start a rave late into the night, or your upstairs neighbor has downloaded an app that allows you to exercise at home … Nothing is more annoying than hearing the neighbors or others in a building, noise is one of the primary causes of stress or unrest.


Nowadays we spend almost 90% of our lives in a building. This is why a good indoor climate in which you feel comfortable is highly important. Good comfort makes you literally feel more comfortable and can even raise your productivity. On the other hand, poor comfort can make you feel much worse and even have such an impact that it causes health damage. Yet not all buildings are comfortable and we still often assume the minimum delivery level specified in the building code.

Sustainability en CO2

Sustainability is a broad concept that has many aspects and disciplines. Unfortunately, the term sustainability is often misused to give a project a better image. It is therefore necessary that sustainability is also made concrete within real estate in order to provide insight into the impact of this sustainability, we aim to do just that for each project.

PV panels

In new construction projects, energy-yielding systems are often added as standard to the facades or on the roofs, but there are also many unused roofs in the Netherlands that may still be suitable for this purpose. With Olysis we calculate the possible quantity of PV panels and the optimal placement and angle to the sun for both existing and new buildings. We can take the environment into account and immediately provide insight into where the tipping point of efficiency and yield lies between the number of PV panels to be purchased and their energy generation.

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Compute all building physics around and in your design up front and prevent surprises or failure costs in every project. With Olysis, you can assess from very early stages how you can improve your design to the highest standards. Are you interested in a collaboration? Get in touch with us! We gladly discuss the opportunities.

Project highlights


Project description Reduced the wind speeds around the boulevard and the alleyways between the buildings by determining the size and position of sculptures and art objects. Developer: FRED Developers Year: 2020 Location: The Hague Analyses: Wind Interested in a collaboration? Get in touch! Are you done with complex analyses and endless design iterations from engineers...
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Project description We performed a variant study to improve the indoor comfort of an existing office building, and to improve the energy efficiency of the building. Developer: Cairn Real Estate Year: 2020 Location: Venlo Analyses: Energy, daylight, thermal comfort Interested in a collaboration? Get in touch! Are you done with complex analyses and endless design...
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Project description Developer: White House Development Year: 2020 Location: Gouda Module(s): Urban Massing Analyses: Wind, shadow Interested in a collaboration? Get in touch! Are you done with complex analyses and endless design iterations from engineers about what can and cannot be done? And especially with the 10% failure costs that you always have to factor...
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