Hi! I’m Zooey

With an econometrist background it seems unusual to work within the architectural engineering sector, though, at OMRT it feels as a seemless connection.

I completed my bachelor’s degree in econometrics in February in combination with the minor in programming. As a result of this minor I became very enthusiastic about continuing this programming journey and I wanted to gain professional experience in this field. Though, on the other hand, it is also not my dream to sit behind a screen all day.

Primarily, it is very cool to be part of the journey of OMRT, with the underlying vision: “Bringing designer and engineer closer together through smart use of computers”. My responsibility within this adventure is to improve certain optimisation algorithms so that computers find the best solutions for architectural geometries in very quick manners. Simply put, an optimisation algorithm can now compute easily for 10 hours straight, while efficient use of certain mathematical optimisation formulas could reduce these calculation times tremendously.

A visualisation of one of the optimisation methods; particle swarm optimisation (source)

Think of a computer that draws up certain design recommendations (e.g. facade types, orientation, sun protection) which it based on certain calculation outcomes such as light or solar warming. This feels completely as my own project in which I get full freedom to actually help the clients such as architects or designers. This responsibility makes it a very cool challenge.

Next to the technical part, I am also involved with the communication and sales towards clients. Within this role I combine my mathematical background with programming but I also remain socially active by sharing this technical knowledge to other market parties.

My optimisation algorithm is searching for the optimal balance between heat, light and comfort by adjusting a wooden slat facade.

In addition to working at OMRT, I am working with a few friends on a case in which we provide organisations of advice based on data analysis. We started with the idea to offer students of econometrics more practical experience instead of having to read it in a textbook. If the first few cases are successful, we will expand this further!

What else do I want to say? Well, are you super smart? Are you able to program well and do you think it is fantastic to do amazing things with a few (social) nerds every day? Then we’ll go for some coffee and to talk about joining this adventure!