Hi! I’m Rubin

Initially I came to Delft to study Architecture. During the BSc, I found out I liked working with buildings but I missed the technical depth. The switch to Civil Engineering for the master Building Engineering after the BSc, turned out perfectly. My broad background in the building sector suits me well to be able to deal with the different subjects in my graduation topic, projects of OMRT, and brainstorm sessions with the company!

I came in touch with OMRT via a proposal for a graduation topic about improvement of the energy and comfort performance of low-income housing in the Philippines. In other words, a research where we would use high-tech engineering on low-tech traditional Philippine architecture. 

This diverse topic caught my interest for two reasons: firstly, being able to do loads of parametric engineering analyses in multiple fields (building physics, CFD and structural) and secondly, using it for a project where the knowledge can be of actual added value to the local people. As a very nice extra, a field trip to the Philippines was almost mandatory to be able to study the traditional Philippine architecture, since available literature was not sufficient to start my research from.

Doing field research in the Philippines with a laser

During the study trip I learned from locals about their vernacular (traditional) architecture and why they use certain design elements. I also helped working at the building site of Finch Floating Home to experience how Philippine work ethics come around. From the TU Delft I even received measurement tools and sensors for actual measuring of the building performances of the traditional hut. All this information was of great use to give my study a head start. Of course, the trip also had some relaxing and it was lovely to experience their diverse and exotic culture.

Helping the Finch Floating Homes project.

When back in the Netherlands, I started the digital trajectory of my graduation at OMRT. The start-up character and the enthusiasm within OMRT persuaded me to go for this topic in combination with this company. Having spent several months at OMRT, I can tell it is great to work with the team and to get a feel of the (sometimes hectic) start-up life, full of ideas, energy and its ups and downs.

Side view of one of my many wind (CFD) analysis of a Bahay Kubo bamboo hut with openings at both sides and the roof

Outside work I enjoy sports of which I have done many. Football, boxing, badminton, you name it… Next to that I am a big fan of music in all its forms like playing piano, going to festivals or just listening to it at home. Since a few years now I am doing Lindy Hop, which is a partner dance from the 20’s, while dancing this, it is impossible to not keep smiling and having loads of fun.

My tip for graduating students is that you don’t have to be afraid of a topic, which at first, doesn’t seem in line with what you think you want. It can also be a nice experience to try something a little different, because then you only know for sure if you like it.