Hi! I’m Martijn

When studying at Delft University of Technology, like I do, it means that you probably ever bump into some interesting people with some interesting ideas. This exact opportunity led me to meet the founders of OMRT; Andreja and Jasper. The two were teaching clueless second-year students the concept of parametric design and engineering. It was by chance that I ended up with Andreja as my teacher for this course. As soon as he had explained the concept of parametric design, I saw the potential of appropriating this skill (something I would else never have considered exploring). Since then, I have spent many late nights behind my laptop modelling parametric designs. 

Project ‘Sunday evening’

Fast forward to a few weeks later and I’m sitting in the OMRT office to use my skills within the market. It turns out that I can bring great additional value to the existing processes of real estate developers and architects, but also that there is still plenty to learn. My current work varies from writing scripts, making interfaces, and joining dynamic development brainstorms. I always challenge myself to think of other ways that can help improve the workflow of OMRT by looking for new possibilities and programmes to incorporate in current solutions. The passion behind the people of OMRT inspires me to also broaden my knowledge by learning more about the market from client perspectives, by participating in shaping the business dynamics of a start-up, and by experiencing what actual implementation of sustainability in buildings means.

Deep thinking during a brainstorm and the resulting script below…

However, this adventure doesn’t stop me from doing everything else I enjoy; studying (renaissance) architecture, cycling, reading, and most of all; listening to my music on a sunny afternoon. Recently, I wrote an elaborate report on different Florentine city palazzo’s in which we address the influence of cultural and social-economical influences on architecture design between the 13th and the 19th century. 

What I didn’t know when I joined the parametric journey is that it would be this addictive… To the nerves of Andreja and Jasper, I sometimes even work effortlessly into the late hours (especially when I text them in the middle of the night with great new ideas). 

Interested in meeting the team? I can only encourage you to get in touch! We’re an open and motivated team always open to discuss new ideas and plans. We’ll hear from you soon!


With kind digits, 

Fridge Manager Martijn