Hi, I'm Erron!

In my bachelor studies in Architecture I developed my creative design skills a lot however, something was missing. In my third year I discovered the world of computational design and was hooked. I started learning and doing as much as I could with parametric design even when uncalled for in a design project. It was this passion that led me to the Building Technology programme at TU Delft and further to OMRT.

I came across OMRT at a company case day at the TU focusing on parametric design. After looking over what my team did and speaking with them it was clear this company was what I was looking for. I am now doing a graduation internship where I am working on my thesis to develop a computational tool to analyse the wind loads on complex shaped buildings and optimise their geometry to lower wind forces. This stemmed from the realisation that present traditional methods for calculation of wind load do not adequately cover the ever increasingly complex designs of buildings due to the rise in high-tech tools for architects and engineers. Why can’t we use this same computer to not only design but analyse and improve the performance of our buildings?

OMRT’s approach to using computational design as a bridge between architect, engineer, client, and all others on a building project is unique and shows the potential of technology in the built environment. Now at OMRT I have contributed to using this analysis of wind in buildings in other areas but also structural optimisation of buildings as well as programming of other tools for use in the built environment.

 When I am not behind a computer furiously scripting I enjoy mostly reading, traveling, socializing with friends. All of which usually in some way revolve around architecture and engineering.

 I really believe it’s time to bring architecture further into the future with technology. The benefits are great and a company like OMRT shows that. To the students out there who are considering graduation topics: dare to be innovative. It may be difficult but the pay off will be great.