Hosting the ‘Taboeloos Innoveren’ event

Wednesday, Andreja and Jasper were the hosts at Studio Desmet in Amsterdam of the Peoplehouse network event “Taboo-less Innovation”. The event had a debate as main act for which Peoplehouse asked omrt in combination with Ronald Lewerissa and Wouter Kersten from Generous Minds to host this event.

Working towards the event, we prepared a presentation and five debate statements related to innovation, creativity, implementation of ideas, and the benefits of large or small companies.

The theater room was divided into two sides (pro and against) by a line on the floor so the crowd could agree or oppose on the given statement by walking into the side they agreed most on. In the end, around 80 people showed up and filled the theater neatly.








Ronald and Wouter introduced every statement by a small story how they perceived the topic within the market and then kicked off a related statement to start the discussion. Andreja and Jasper walked through the crowd to give people a microphone for elaborating on their opinion. In between every statement or opinion, Andreja and Jasper glued the debate together by making superficial jokes, summarizing the conversation or asking deeper questions.

The goal for us? To have at least one person almost shouting to defend his ideas on a statement…

The mixture of jokes, loud laughter, overheated speakers, fierce opinions and two jokers with a pink bow-tie rested a highly blithe ambiance in the theater. Nevertheless, the topics were still taken seriously and the content was handled with care by the crowd. In the end, it may be stated that almost everyone was emerged into the debate and that our goal was achieved (thrice)!

Due to the great discussion about one of the topics, we would also like to receive your opinion on the following statement:

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After the debate, Wouter Kersten summarized all topics and information briefly but very accurate (and of course this was full of cliche’s):

“The discussion about process versus content does not even make sense if we disregard the human. In the end, they are the ones enabling innovation.

So to make innovation happen,  we need smart people that are willing to dive very deep into the theories of a subject but are also capable of rolling out a certain process. A mixture of experience and fresh minded-view on topics is preferred to enhance creativity, though, unfortunately, not everyone is equally creative. Finally, experience does not depend on the years being spend on a subject, but on the events you experienced and the information you absorbed from these events”

During the drinks afterwards, we received a tremendous amount of positive comments and even two more invites for hosting other events at other organisations.

Maybe a new path for our careers?

Photo’s by Annemee Holtslag

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