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Meet Rubin

Hi! I’m Rubin Doing field research in the Philippines with a laser During the study trip I learned from locals about their vernacular (traditional) architecture and why they use certain design elements. I also helped working at the building site of Finch Floating Home to experience how Philippine work ethics come around. From the TU […]

Meet Martijn

Hi! I’m Martijn Project ‘Sunday evening’ Fast forward to a few weeks later and I’m sitting in the OMRT office to use my skills within the market. It turns out that I can bring great additional value to the existing processes of real estate developers and architects, but also that there is still plenty to […]

Meet Zooey

Hi! I’m Zooey I completed my bachelor’s degree in econometrics in February in combination with the minor in programming. As a result of this minor I became very enthusiastic about continuing this programming journey and I wanted to gain professional experience in this field. Though, on the other hand, it is also not my dream […]

New graduate: Rubin

This week, Rubin Spittka started his graduation thesis @ OMRT in collaboration with Finch Floating Homes. Rubin graduates from the master Civil Engineering, track Building Engineering, specialization in structural design. The Thesis Subject is: “Design strategies for climate responsive,  typhoon resilient, standard housing in Manila Bay area, the Philippines. Specified to local vernacular architecture by […]

Validation #1: the acoustic lab

Last week we validated our acoustic algorithm by bench-marking our reverberation time results to the ones measured in the TU Delft Acoustic Lab.  The results were stunning! The outcomes of our calculations were very similar with the outcomes of the lab on the most important frequencies. This means that our algorithm is conform standards and […]