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Opening day Carbonblue – World of Walas

Yesterday, OMRT visited the opening day of the sustainable office of CarbonBlue in Kloosterweg 1, Heerlen, Netherlands. The CarbonBlue project at Dudoc Parkstad (project here) has a roofed in parking lot with 3500 solar panels installed. CarbonBlue will meet approximately 36% of the energy requirements for Carbon6,  it will produce approximately 900,000 kWh per year and reduce CO2 by […]

Hosting the ‘Taboeloos Innoveren’ event

Wednesday, Andreja and Jasper were the hosts at Studio Desmet in Amsterdam of the Peoplehouse network event “Taboo-less Innovation”. The event had a debate as main act for which Peoplehouse asked omrt in combination with Ronald Lewerissa and Wouter Kersten from Generous Minds to host this event.

The Homeride escorts

Still tired, we are proud to announce that we were able to participate as the escorts @ the Homeride .  The Homeride is a 500km cycling tour that is organised by the Ronald McDonald housing organisation in the Netherlands as a benefit-event. This year, a total sum of € 1.101.070 was collected!! The ride takes up to […]

YES!Delft 1-2-Startup weekend

Last weekend, Andreja and Jasper were invited to the YES!Delft 1-2-startup weekend to fulfill the role as coaches and even as jury! At this weekend, we were able to spread our own knowledge and experiences within the field of creating own businesses. We came across some very high potential ideas for the future. It was […]

Pontsteiger on Mars – DEBUT Event

Elon Musk @SpaceX; eat your heart out! During our company case with DPA Cauberg-Huygen at the DEBUT Event, we redesigned the Amsterdam Pontsteiger from Bouwcombinatie Pontsteiger VOF to make it comply to the harsh conditions on Mars as preparation for Elon Musk his interrestrial expansion plans.