Optimising the built environment

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There is a lot of waste in the design process. Not only in time and money, but also in missed potential of quality. A building design has become a complex task with so many different disciplines and requirements. It has become increasingly difficult to realise the optimal plan with our current way of working.

With our Hub we provide our digital technologies to design teams to let them optimise the built environment. We reduce major risks through integrating all important disciplines from the start. We provide the right insights on the right moment, to let you make the right decisions.

The OMRT Hub is an ever-growing computational network of technology, data, software, and people. In the Hub we generate design solutions for of all kinds of real estate developments. Our Hub accelerates the process from the start, maximises the potential of the quality of your project, and ensures a consistent collaboration.

design scout

Design Scout is our multidisciplinary design support tool. You and the other members of your design team set the boundaries for the project and our technologies then generates all possible design variants in 3D. Each variant will be analysed simultaneously on a large set of technical disciplines, like wind, energy, costs, design efficiency and sustainability.

The design scout gives you a method to quickly get an overview of the risks and possibilities of your design. It provides a holistic perspective on all technical items that normally could become your project’s showstopper. Get team members, end-users, or even the local government involved in the process by using the Design Scout in meetings as communication tool.

Design Scout generates a conceptual design with a great variety of technical analyses within several days. The generated designs can be exported as IFC and other file formats for easy integration or further continuation of your design project.

modular designer

Our modular designer is an online software tool which enables you to design and decide using your own modular system of apartments, rowhouses and or building elements like facades. We bring suppliers of modular systems in contact with designers and municipalities to fit them into the environment. A product to connect you as a developer, supplier, or designer within one central marketplace.