More solutions built by OMRT

OMRT also builds software solutions for smaller or more focused issues. The two previously built solutions are displayed here.

Prevent light nuisance in the outdoor environment with Olite

Olite optimizes outdoor lighting for sports fields, highways or other public areas. It is very important to have the right amount of light for the right activity at night. But it is also important not to create any light nuisance to the environment and to design an energy-efficient solution. Olite picks up these items integrally and calculates the optimal configuration of the lighting system.

The application of Olite

Olite uses context data and can extract various types of objects such as roads, sports fields, buildings or greenery from it. Using Olite, a lighting configuration can be made quickly and in a parametric manner.

Olite optimizes the light on the surface of the desired object but at the same time reduces the light on the unwanted object. Olite does this by testing different configurations of lighting plans and by iterating through a certified database of lamps and fixtures from Signify.

Olite also calculates the expected energy consumption of the system based on the type of luminaires.

O3: Make cities greener

O3 is a special software developed to automatically draw tree root bunker systems. This software has been developed especially for the Treeparker system from Treebuilders and Greenmax. Thanks to O3, technical drawings can be made with enormous speed and simplicity for all types of trees and surfaces.

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