Ostate module – Conceptual floorplanning

The Ostate conceptual floorplanning module fills in a building shape based on the desired program. Ostate takes into account design principles, structural typologies and the building code when doing so. Based on this plan, you can quickly make an initial estimate of the ratio between Usage Area and Gross Floor Area (GO / GFA ratio) and whether a project will be feasible.

Ostate generates conceptual designs based on your wishes

In order to make an optimal structural design, Ostate must be fed with the right knowledge and information. Firstly, this step always requires a mass that is divided into floor parts, this comes standard from Ostate Module 2 – Urban Planning Mass Study, but can also be supplied separately as a 3D file. You can also think of the following parameters:

  • The programme (appartement sizes, types)
  • Ontsluiting Typologie
  • Parking norms for cars and bicycles.
  • Vertical or horizontal positioning of certain functions
  • Financial gains per function type or appartement type
  • Dimensioning and properties of secondary items like balconies, facades, stairs, e.d.

Ostate provides flexibility and efficiency in the design process

Based on these parameters, Ostate can fill in a 3D model itself. Ostate takes into account a number of building requirements such as walking distances, minimum widths, access principles and more (request the current status of the standard integration). In addition, room reservations are also made in this module for items such as stairwells, elevator shafts, vertical pipe shafts, balconies and storage areas.

Based on the input and requirements, Ostate generates a wide range of variants of layouts and automatically draws them into the 3D model. This can even amount to hundreds of variants. Ostate therefore uses a handy online dashboard that can quickly display all these variants and in which you can easily select afterwards based on certain criteria. In no time at all you will receive feedback on all possible variants and you will see the measured and calculated information per variant.

You can always select the best variant yourself in our dashboard. Even if you change your mind or the preconditions change later in the process, you can fall back on this dashboard and select a new variant that does fit.

Test your structure design with building technical Olysis analyses.

Ostate module mass study uses the analyzes from Olysis at an urban planning level. This way, you can immediately see per variant what influence the design has on the environment. See what analyses Olysis can do on building level.

Module 3 connects seamlessly with module 2 and subsequent modules

Ostate works in modules that together come to a design. Each module connects seamlessly with the next but is also available separately. In a short time Ostate generates the best design in 3D within the set requirements and preconditions of your project.

Interested in a collaboration? Get in touch!

With Ostate you design faster and better. Are you interested in a collaboration? Get in touch with us! We are happy to discuss your wishes.

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